Best prices and convenience on quality moving boxes for hire

Hiring moving boxes is a smart way to go as you still get great quality boxes in good condition(sometimes new boxes are supplied as we cycle new product into the hiring pool). We refund your deposit when we collect within 60 days if you fall within our services zones. Not having to dispose of extra waste after your move certainly takes the strain out of your rubbish bin, trips to the recycling centre, or filling up your garage with piles of boxes until you find the time to deal with the problem.

You can combine a hire package on boxes and purchase packing supplies to keep your items safe and clean. We recommend you view our suggested quantities in our moving packages. This will assist you in deciding how many boxes you will require for your move. We also offer couch covers, mattress protectors and packing paper to keep your valuable items dry and clean.

Whether you buy or hire, our packing supplies are great value for money. We deliver to your door, so you don’t need to find a way to get all your packing boxes, paper, bubble wrap, tape and tape dispensers home in your car. Porta-robes are usually too large for most cars, but very handy when moving your clothing. No clothes all over the car, slipping off of hangers and getting dirty on route. Most of us dread the re-washing and folding/ironing of soiled or wrinkled clothing which is often required after a move.

Hiring our packing boxes is a cheaper option than buying and also helps to reduce the impact on our already burdened landfills. Our re-usable boxes for hire are circulated as long as they remain in good condition and we charge competitive rates in comparison to purchasing boxes. Most boxes from large warehousing suppliers are inferior quality and are often more expensive than our carton boxes which are purposefully manufactured for carrying heavy items. You’ll save time (no running around hunting for removal boxes) and money(hiring is a great option as we deliver and collect from you old and new home within our service zones.)

The convenience of getting your product delivered to your door and also collected once you have completed your move should not be underestimated. Hiring affords you the option of moving within the same city or town at no extra cost and also moving between towns in our service areas. You could be relocating from Tauranga, Hamilton or Rotorua  or most towns in between within the zones and pay no extra to have your products collected once you have settled in. The one and only time your pay for delivery is when you order if you fall outside of the 25km radius from our supply locations.

Let us take some of the stress out of your move and we will supply you with a friendly efficient service, robust packing supplies and great value for money. We recommend you visit our packing tips pages for pointers on how to get started when you are planning your move.